Non-formal Adult Literacy program


YWAM  has been privileged to bring literacy to the Kavet ethnic minority group in Siempang district in their own language and in Khmer. Teachers volunteer to teach others and are usually those who have previously learnt to read,write and teach through this programme.

There are approximately 3,000 Kavet, living in 6 villages, all of which have classes. Classes are held at night using solar lighting systems, and other materials provided by YWAM

Story no1:

Tong KamNoy, one of the literacy teachers, is a young girl of 15 years. In the morning she goes to the government school where she studies in grade 6. In the evening she teaches literacy to people in her village. Some of the students are adults,some are students still in school, but all want to learn.

Tong KamNoy is a true servant helping her people by giving them knowledge.

Story no 2:

Sei, at 53, is the oldest teacher of the literacy program, and the one who has also been teaching the longest.Sei is handicapped, having only one leg. In Sei’s class the student ‘exam’ results are the best. Due to his handicap, Sei, doesn’t go to the forest or the rice fields. As he stays in his village, he faithfully teaches every evening. His motivation is so real that he puts all his energy into the teaching sessions and the results speak for themselves.